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ReLax Operations and APP Download


For ReLax Kit ONLY  (Note: the Exploration kit and the ReLax kit are not compatible with each other, due to differences in sample rate and RF settings.)

Using ReLax is simple, just charge up (from any USB port or charger) the Controller with Sensor plugged in, then wear the Sensor on forehead, and your ReLax score is displayed on the Controller.  You don’t need computer, smart phone or download any APP.

ReLax score: (LED display)

  • Red = muscle tension detected,
  • Orange = mental tension detected,
  • Green = low level mental tension, and
  • Blue = calm and relaxed. 

The goal is to achieve as many Green and Blue as possible by relaxing facial muscles and reducing wandering thoughts.

A long press (more than 3 seconds) of the “-” button will turn-OFF the Controller, and a long press (more than 3 seconds) of the “+” button will turn-ON the Controller.

Of course, you may do more to enhance your ReLax experience: (1) download and install (including USB driver) ReLax APP on your computer, (2) connect ReLax Controller and Sensor to your computer’s USB port, and (3) run it.

<ReLax APP is designed to enhance your ReLax experience, it is NOT compatible with TrueSense Exploration Kit.>

NEW: Update Controller and Sensor firmware; Download and install FirmwareUpdate


ReLax_v1.01.zip  The new Z-viewer intuitively captures meditation, sleep and dozing events and changes.

For OSX:  Relax_osx_v1.00_20130905.zip

NEW For Android:  opirelax_android_20140403.zip (OPIRELAX.apk download available on Google Play)

NEW RLA SDK:  opirelax_windemosdk__20140124.zip

NEW ReLaxConsole "AS-IS"  relaxconsole_win_v1.00_20140427.zip with more robust MM upload routine

NEW ReLaxConsole "AS-IS" SDK:  opirlk_windemosdk__20140128.zip


(Please download the Install/Uninstall Manuals for Windows 7 at end of this page.)

Live mode:

(1) select your training level (0=beginner, through 10=advanced) and click-ON the Live mode, the Controller and Sensor will be configured automatically. 

(2) then remove the Sensor and wear it, and start your practice session.

(3) The top pane shows the live EEG signal.  The bottom pane shows the Spectrogram, with all your brain wave activity embedded (you will learn them over time).  The middle pane shows the 4-color Relax score.

The goal is to achieve as many Green and Blue as possible. Each practice session should last 5 to 10 minutes, and 1 to 3 sessions each day.  You may increase the Level setting as you develop better control over your stress and tension.  The practice session will be recorded automatically for later viewing and analyses.

The posture and activity during the practice session is also displayed in real time, to help manage your physical posture and activities.

Anywhere mode:

The Anywhere mode is automatically enabled, after completing the practice session and click-OFF the Live mode. Simply remove the Controller from the USB port, and it will start displaying 4-color ReLax score.  Carry the Controller with you any time, any where, and always know your mental stress level and ready to manage it in real life situations. 

File mode:

To view previously recorded practice sessions, simply select the File mode, browse the file to be viewed, and click-ON the File mode. 


It is generally accepted and agreed that, whatever the technique employed, the more relaxed a person can achieve physically and mentally, the more peace, joy and physical, mental and spiritual well being one can achieve.


The basic principle is quite simple: stresses manifest at physical (muscle tension) and mental (brain activity) levels. By measuring muscle activities (EMG) and brain activities (EEG) directly, we can get good indication on whether we have achieved relaxation. Any facial muscle that's not totally relaxed, will contribute to a small but detectible EMG signal signatures that are quite distinguishable from brain activities. 

Through tightening-relaxation routines, deep breathing or mental focus, each and every facial/head muscle can be relaxed totally, and there should be negligible muscle signal.  

After all muscles are relaxed, one can start mental exercises (such as watching the breathing, chanting mantra silently, or other techniques) to reduce and stop all thoughts and mental processes, and progressively reduce the super-β (γ) wave, the β wave, and to possibly heighten the α wave, then even slow down α wave into θ wave or δ wave regime, generally associated with very deep relaxation levels.