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Download New Enhanced OPIconsole v1.40

<MAJOR ENHANCEMENT> OPIconsole & SDK Download  V1.40 (20131122)

  • Enhanced EEG Spectrogram in SignalViewer for main signal (ADC) channel in generic .edf files.
  • During configuration and pairing, all Zigbee channels are scanned, and a "quiet" channel is assigned automatically.
  • OPI Console reminds user to put Sensor into low-power storage mode to keep battery charged.  Simply insert and remove each Sensor and store separately (i.e. not plugged into Controller) in low-power storage mode.

Now with all file formats updated and enhanced (Generic EDF, _EEG, _ECG, _act, _hyp, _med), please read OPI Console Data Formats and Algorithms for details.  (It's backward compatible with prior Generic EDF files, please use ViewConverter to generate new Generic EDF,  _EEG, _ECG and other computed .edf files for future use.)

GetStart video tutorials are posted for your easy references.

Activity (+ posture and pedometer) Viewer now tracks all your physical posture and movements, computed from live monitoring as well as recorded files.

Sleep Analysis now includes Activity Viewer, detailed Sleep stages and brain wave states with summary and hypnogram outputs.

Meditate Analysis now includes Activity Viewer, detailed brain wave states with summary and meditate (modified hypnogram) outputs.