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How to apply Gel pads on to Mylar Electrodes?

Adhesive Gel pads provide reliable skin contact resistance, reduce vibrational artifacts, and can be reused multiple times. They provide better performance than dry electrodes when high quality low frequency EEG signal bands are required, such as in sleep and meditation analyses.  With careful use and occasional cleaning (water rinse), each Gel pad can be reused for up to 10 times or more, before needing replacement.  For personal hygiene considerations, the Gel pads should not be used by more than one person.

The Mylar Electrodes surface is silver-coated for stable and clean skin contact, and is quite durable. Please rinse clean and gently dry the electrode surface before mounting Gel pads. To mount Gel pads, please remove each Gel pad from the clear carrier sheet, and align and attach the adhesive surface to the electrode surface, rubbing gently as required with the yellow protection sheet still attached.

When the electrodes are ready for applying to the skin, please gently remove the yellow protection sheets from a corner, then pressed on the desired skin location, or to attach to the non-stick sheet for protection until applied to the skin.

The Gel pads are made from hydrogel (water containing gel) with saline contents (similar to human body fluid) and is quite conductive. If they are saturated with water (during rinsing), they can lose their surface adhesion, but can recover their adhesiveness when excessive water is removed (gently squeeze a little while adhesive surface is protected on Non-stick sheet, let the excess water run out. Never use a towel or tissue paper to dry.) The adhesion normally recovers when the excess water is naturally removed while attached to skin.

Because the stud on the electrode is copper plated with silver, when in contact with saline solution over extended period of time (days to weeks), there may be trace level of copper from inside the stud diffuses out and forming a bluish tinge.  This blue/green color tinge is not harmful and does not affect the proper skin contact.  Silver is generally known to be slightly anti-bacterial, so provides good clean surface for skin contacts.  On the other hand, with repeated extended use, the Gel pads may have absorbed excessive bodily oil or skin flakes and may show yellowish tinge.  This is good indication that these Gel pads should be replaced.