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How to adjust elastic string and wear Silicone head band?

A pre-assembled headband with Dry electrode is included in the DIY package for your easy usage.  The following steps show you how to make your own and wearing the elctrode at different locations.


1. The kit includes a small roll of white elastic string with ~183cm (6 ft) length. It can be cut into 3 pieces for small and normal head sizes, and 2 pieces for larger head sizes. Don't cut it until after you have measured your head size.

2. Measure your head circumference with a cloth ruler, or just use the end (don't cut it yet) elastic string to go around your head, from forehead to back of head loosely. Mark the length and add 1 or 2 inches (25~50mm) and cut the string. You can add an extra inch when cutting it, and to adjust (shorten it) later for a good fit.

3. Put one end of the string through the end hole of the silicone strip, then go through the opposite end hole of the silicone strip, to attach the silicone strip to the elastic string. Put the 2 ends of the elastic string together, and make a secure "8" knot, use as little string length as possible for making the knot, and you can adjust it tighter later on by making additional "8" knots to get to a good fit.

4. Pull apart the silicone strip and adjust the string (now in double wire), attach the silicone strip to top of forehead right below the hair line, and pull the strings to the back of the head and lower down to hair line edge, and adjust the side of the strings to behind the ears. Arrange the strings near/around hair line edge under your hair to minimize interference with your hair and make it less conspicuous.

5. The string should be quite secure now and with good tension. If you feel the string is too loose, and the silicone strip does not conform to your skin around forehead, you can make another "8" knot to the end of strings to shorten them and try again, until the fit is good.

6. Use silicone headband with Dry Electrodes (recommended): mount the Dry Electrodes on the silicone headband at desired location(s), then clip the small Mylar strip on to secure them in place. Both single sensor and dual sensor configurations are shown here.

7. Use silicone headband with Gel Electrodes (optional): simply mount the Gel Electrodes assembly on the silicone headband at desired location(s).

8. Clip on the Sensor(s) when ready for experiment.