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Video Tutorials:

1. Learn how to setup TrueSense kit and see your bio-signals in action using LiveDisplay:  GetStart: LiveDisplay video tutorial

2. Learn how to play Posture Game and see how muscle tension affects brain wave signals:  GetStart: Posture Game video tutorial

3. Learn how to view, edit and convert bio-signal data set using ViewConverter:  GetStart: ViewConverter  video tutorial



For Exploration Kit ONLY  (Note: the Exploration kit and the ReLax kit are not compatible with each other, due to differences in sample rate and RF settings.)

Get started with TrueSense Kit is really easy, literally within minutes of getting the kit.  You can even play with it before your kit arrives.


1. Download opiconsole.zip


Frequently Asked Questions for TrueSense Kit

1. How long does it take to charge the battery? When should I charge it again? How best to keep the Controller and Sensor batteries charged and ready for use?

2. How come the wireless doesn’t work? There is no data recorded.

3. How do I activate the device? How do I know it is set?

4. How do I view my Hypnogram?

5. If there are multiple users using the same unit, how do I differentiate the data from each person?

6. I am measuring my EEG and ECG at the same time but it seems like only one is working. What do I do?

7. Can I convert my data into other formats?

8. My controller is not recognized by the computer, and Windows failed to find or install USB driver?

9. My controller is recognized by the computer and I can run the OPIconsole program before, but it stopped or not recognized by USB now, what should I do?

10. My controller is recognized bt the computer, but it cannot detect the sensor or memory module plugged into it, what should I do?

11. The TrueSense kit was working previously.  Now, my computer cannot recognize my controller.  The orange LED on controller does not lit up like before.  What happened?   

12. The upload speed of memory module is very slow, what should I do?

13. The erase speed of memory module is very slow, what should I do?

14. While using the Live Display or BioFeedback programs, sometimes there are spikes or missing display data, what's wrong?

15. How to reduce lost data packets when recording using the Live Display or BioFeedback programs?

16. What is the flashing green LED light on the controller, even when the sensor is not being used, or plugged into the controller?

17. Why the green LED light on the controller is "stuck" on, even when the sensor is not being used?

18. I mixed up my sensors, does it matter? How do I fix it?

19. Using the OPI Console program, the settings (RF, MM, DT) of the sensor cannot be changed, what's wrong?

20. How do I check to make sure the memory module is empty and ready for new recording?

21. When the sensor is activated and before wearing on the body, the sensor signal is showing huge spikes and lots of noises, is that normal?

22. After connecting the sensor to the electrode set attached on skin, the sensor spikes  and noises are still huge, what's wrong?

23. After using the conductive gel pad for many days, some tinge of blue color may appear, is that abnormal and harmful?

24. After using conductive adhesive on the dry electrodes, the adhesive dries up and sometimes with tinge of blue color, is that abnormal and harmful?



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