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Read before you Buy

OP Innovations is a dedicated research and development entity. All the products developed by us are manufactured and made available to the DIY community and general public by our partners and distributors.  None of the above should be used for monitoring or treating a medical condition. Please follow the links provided here if you wish to purchase products developed by us.

Taipei Trading Company website  http://www.taipeitrading.com

For your understanding, we support Green Environment, and we, together with our partners, have eliminated most unnecessary casing, packaging, brochure and other non-functional objects, accessories and weight to the best of our ability. Please read thoroughly the descriptions, instructions and intended uses on our Distributor’s web site and our web site before you consider acquiring your DIY kit. Please help conserve our planet’s resources by not purchasing any DIY kit unless you are familiar with its described functions and operations and intend to use it to perform your own experiments. This will help to reduce your loss in shipping and handling costs, and help all of us to reduce any impact on our environment.

To prevent/minimize unauthorized listening or accessing of your and other’s private data, and to allow for synchronized operations between authorized controller and sensor(s), it is necessary for every user to configure your controller and sensor(s) before the activation, pairing and use of your controller and sensor(s). We do not require users to register your products to operate the products or to download the SDK, however, you do need to have SDK and related information to operate the product kit. If the product kit you purchased has any malfunction or other problem, please go to our distributors' web site (where you purchased the product kit) for exchange or other proper resolution.

Please read the Product description and SDK download requirements carefully, before purchasing any DIY kit.

If you do not have adequate internet access to complete the SDK download procedure, or if you don't agree with our distributor's service and exchange guidelines, please do not purchase any DIY kit.

Please note, any bio-signal data set in one of the supported Open formats, may or may not be fully compatible with any Open Application or 3rd party software.  Interpretation or usage of any results from such software is entirely at the user's own discretion and responsibility. Also, not all Open Application or other 3rd party software may operate with bio-sensor or bio-sensor data set to yield useful information.

The user acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the provider of the Open Application or other 3rd party software. To obtain information and download Open Application, and other 3rd party software, please follow the relevant links.

OPI Disclaimer
We are not responsible for any operations, claims, results or applications of any Open Applications, or any other software obtained by any means, or downloaded through this or any other web sites.  Please read the Product Description carefully before purchasing any DIY kit, and you have agreed to hold OP Innovations and our distributors harmless when preparing and performing your own experiments using the DIY kit.
None of the above should be used for monitoring or treating a medical condition.