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How to wear silicone wrist band?


1. Take mylar electrode set, mount one stud into the end hole of silicone wrist band.  Wrap the set around your wrist.

2. Pull the other end of silicone wrist band gently, and mount a suitable hole onto the other stud. (Trim the excess length of the silicone wrist band to fit your wrist size.)


How to adjust elastic string and wear Silicone head band?

A pre-assembled headband with Dry electrode is included in the DIY package for your easy usage.  The following steps show you how to make your own and wearing the elctrode at different locations.


1. The kit includes a small roll of white elastic string with ~183cm (6 ft) length. It can be cut into 3 pieces for small and normal head sizes, and 2 pieces for larger head sizes. Don't cut it until after you have measured your head size.


My EEG Frequency

By now you are familiar with Get Started with TrueSense kit, and have successfully setup and configure your TrueSense kit. You are also familiar with How to read EEG signal, this article will further help you to locate your personalized brain wave bands (particularly the Alpha (α) wave and Sigma (σ) wave bands). You can compare them to the distribution for the general population, so you know how unique you truly are. You can also enter these key numbers into your Profile, to enable more accurate analyses when using other Applets.



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